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Three Legged Brook Run Sunday 19th June. 2.00pm

The first Marchington three legged brook run took place (we think) in 1980 or 1981,

Over 15 couples (male and female strapped together) started out drinking half a pint of beer at the  D & P, running down the lane opposite alongside the brook, through the fields to the cricket club, enjoying another half a pint of beer, then starting again running along High Street pass the village hall,down Green Lane getting into the brook by the bridge and running through the water up back to the D & P for a third half pint of beer.

Sounds like fun... This year we plan to resurrect this madness....

Run starts at 2.00pm but participants must get to the festival marquee  by 1.30pm.


A small entrance fee and insurance waiver form will need to be filled out !